08 July 2012

Things I Am Grateful For #8

OK, so this one is gonna be me trying to gain some appreciation.

Today was the Melbourne RCNA Nursing Expo. Geared towards undergraduate nursing students, it is a giant "COME AND WORK AT MY HOSPITAL" promotion. Fun the first year you participate, after that the appeal wanes somewhat. This is my fourth year of being involved. "Involved" meaning "having to give up my lovely sunny Sunday afternoon to talk about work"

Soooooo, I am turning it around and saying I am grateful that I have a job. There are aspects of said job that I find less than appealing, but for the most part I enjoy it. As a nurse, there will always be a job for me, somewhere. And the good points are pretty awesome. Nursing can mean a wide variety of different jobs - hospital based, community based, academic. I can work full time, one day a fortnight, or anything in between. It is transferable - I can do it where I live now, or move just about anywhere. I can do it overseas should I desire.

I appreciate the fact that I am employed. Means I can pay my rent, buy food, and fund my obsession with books.


Do you like your job? Do you love your job? What about it? 

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