02 July 2012

Things I Am Grateful For #2

Day 2 of reminding myself that life is GREAT!!

Today I am grateful for trustworthy tradies*. I am renting my apartment, and sometimes struggle to get maintenance done in a timely fashion. Now, little things generally get done quickly, but bigger jobs I tend to have to push for. Like the time my oven blew up... but that's a whole different post. Anyway, my heater retired permanently the first time I turned it on this (very cold) winter. Approximately 6 weeks ago. I began by ringing the rental agency twice a week, then three times a week, and finally, after calling daily for a fortnight, I got a call from the landlord asking if they could bring a guy over to quote for a split system. This happened on Wednesday. They came on Thursday. He said he could install on Friday - alas, I am to be out of town Thursday evening through Sunday. 

So the landlord agrees to oversee the installation. 

After leaving town, I discover the landlord is giving heater installer man my key and letting him go about his business. 

So I spend 3 days in fear of coming home to an empty apartment with the front door swinging wildly, I return. Not only to find the heater installed - a marvellous sight - but the tradie had returned my living room to it's natural state (I had moved the furniture out of the way prior to leaving) but he had also vacummed. AND, followed up with a phone call today - the Monday following installation - to check all was working properly.

Yes, he did. Lovely man. 


*Disclaimer: I have had no real experience that leads me to distrust tradies. In fact my brother is a tradie, a very trustworthy one with a high work standard. However, he knows some that give the majority a bad rap, and also, my parents have had some less than stellar results with unsupervised work being done. I have, of course, had the experience of taking a day off work only to have a tradie turn up 4 hours after pre-arranged time. Without calling. Grrr. Overall, though, it is just a general dislike of having people I do not know be given keys to my house without my approval. 

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