16 July 2012

Fifty Shades of Grey by E.L. James

I don't read stuff just because it's popular. If fact I'm opposed to people reading something just because everyone else is. Proof - I haven't read Harry Potter. I haven't read Twilight. I figure, if I read the blurb and am not interested, why waste my time? 

So I didn't plan to read "Fifty Shades of Grey". I was, in fact, vehemently against it. I still really don't know why I succumbed. And then I toyed with the idea of not admitting to having read it. But I have an ambitious 2012 reading challenge and I did read it so it's going on the book count.

The writing - I wasn't a fan. I found it repetitive, unimaginative... Got a bit sick of the constant 'oh my', 'my sex', eye rolling and lip biting. Gasping and breath hitching. Find a new phrase! Geez. When you're writing 500+ pages, you can't say the same thing on each and every one, and sometimes multiple times a page. 

Ana. Really? A 21 year old university student, without a computer, and borrowing her housemates laptop. I'm sorry, but a) explain to me how you get through an entire degree using a borrowed laptop, and b) why the hell did the housemate not get shirted off with the constant borrowing before graduation?? Innocence is one thing, but this was beyond belief.  

And Christian. Complete creep. Ugh. That's all I have to say. 

However... couldn't put it down (and I'm a little upset at myself about this!). Done in 3 days. And I will say that I didn't expect the ending. Will probably read the other 2 as I bought them as a set so already have them.

Have to say I think I was a little ambitious trying to do a month of gratitude posts! Not to say that I've run out of things to be grateful for, just a difficult task. Or maybe it's me. I'm also having a go at #photoadayJuly on Instagram... and find myself taking the photos, but winding up posting about every 3 days. Maybe commitment is my issue... 


Have you read the Fifty Shades trilogy? What did you think? 

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