16 March 2012

Making It Big

This book is by Lyndsay Russell. 

I really didn't like this book. The writing is very average (Read: could have used a good editor), the plot could have been somewhat interesting but I found it was so buried in fantasy that it just ended up ridiculous. I also thought that it was a very long book - it felt more like it should have been a short story. 

It revolves around a fat girl who feels so hopeless in her quest to lose weight that she goes to a doctor advertising a 'miracle cure', and ends up in an alternate universe where fat is the new thin - and the bigger the better. From there it just gets more unrealistic. She very quickly - within 24 hours - gets a job as a supermodel, becomes famous, and sleeps with many hot and famous men. 

I just found it totally stupid and badly written. Unfortunately for me, I find it very hard not to finish a book. 

I think the invention of the ebook has a lot to answer for. Although it is wonderful that it has given more writers the opportunity to get their work out there, the lack of filtering means that there are a lot more books out there that haven't had the volume of reading, writing, re-reading, re-writing and editing that maybe they would benefit from. 

My opinion only, of course, but as a reader of these books I really feel that this one was a waste of my time. 

What are your thoughts on this book?

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