12 July 2011

Headaches... The bane of my existance. *sigh*. For most of my life I have suffered headaches when

A) I get stressed
B) I am having what I will tactfully refer to as 'those bothersome girly iss-wahs' (spoken in a delightfully light French-esque lilt)
C) Those occasions where I forget that my glasses/contacts aren't, in fact, an optional accessory to make me appear smarter
D) My day has been going too well, and the planets align to shoot me down in flames

So I guess what I'm saying is I suffer a lot of headaches. "Suffer" sometimes being the operative word - I like to share my woes. As they say, a problem shared is a problem halved and all that ;)

Unfortunately, most of the time, if I am unable to alleviate it and go to bed with a headache, it tends to be approximately 47.6 million times worse the following morning.

Sometimes analgesia works, sometimes it doesn't. It has been suggested to me that Acupuncture can work miracles for persistant tension headaches. Any thoughts or experiences with this? I acupuncture-naive and am thus suitably intrigued, hopeful and apprehensive, but excited to try it! Now I just need to find a reputable practitioner. My other thought is that I should vastly increase the frequency of my attendance at my local beauty salon/day spa... Massage time for me! I wonder if my accountant would see this as a good investment?
Keep your eyes out - I'll write a post of my acupuncture experience once experienced.

Or... volunteers to come over and feed me chocolate and give me a head massage?


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