27 April 2011

I'm an INFP personality type.

Apparently this means that I tend to keep to myself. I don't need other people to keep me going, I draw my energy from an internal source. I find, in fact, other people can often exhaust me, and I tend to dislike large groups, particularly when a) it is a large group of people I don't know, and b) I am the centre of attention. This does not bode well for me when I have to do a presentation in front of around 50 people. Now I realise that 50 people may seem to some like a small group, but in my mind, 50... 500... same difference. So I am trying to prepare while also trying not to think about it too much.

No wonder I have a headache.


26 April 2011

I have written a journal since I was a little girl. As I have grown obviously the content changed, but so did the context. Looking back through my diaries shows more than just life events. They show the mental and emotional changes that a girl goes through as she moves from youth, through puberty and adolescence, and then the progression from young adulthood to mid and late 20s - where we find ourselves now.

When I was young mostly the entries were chronicles of my day, events both good and bad. This moved onto, well, to be blunt, a bit of a poor me period, or teenage angst I suppose you would call it. As I matured, I wrote less, putting to paper both the good times and the bad, but only those that I felt 'noteworthy', events in my life that I either felt needed recording so that I could look back and remember fondly, or decisions that I needed to ponder on and figure out exactly what I thought and wanted.

As I move through my 20s, technology is advancing at a rate that - for someone moderately technologically incompetent such as myself - feels like it is running away from me. So I thought that I would move some of my thoughts into a forum where I can put it out there for others to read and ponder on themselves, and perhaps share some thoughts on so that we can all grow.

I enjoy writing and hope to develop my skills via this blog. I will aim to post at least once, if not a couple of times a week, but this may vary due to work commitments and fluctuations. I have recently started working in a job I did not - and at times still don't - feel ready for. But as this is a short term thing, I feel that I have to give it the best that I've got - knowing that there is a light at the end of the tunnel, as it were. I have decided to look at it as a chance for me to prove to myself that I am able to do it, whether or not this is a job that I actually WANT to in the long term. Knowing that I CAN do it makes it an easier decision to make, as I know that I am not turning it down because I'm scared that I CAN'T do it.

Personal development is something that I feel strongly about, but I also feel that it should be development that you want. Otherwise it just becomes a chore. I also wish to clarify that personal development does not necessarily mean career development. Take a class, learn a language, join an online dating site, go dancing... whatever it is that gets you involved in life. If all you have in your life is your career, then no matter how satisfying your job is, there will always be something missing. It is just that you may not notice this until you stop to think about it.

I'm going to leave it at that for now... Mx